The Philippines, South Korea and Thailand Are Planning to Create the Next Crypto Valley

The joint cooperation of the Philippine Islands, South Korea and Thailand should lead to the creation of the next crypto valley. Such a decision was inspired by the successful example of Malta and Zug in Switzerland.

Strangely enough, in many countries of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, in recent years, not the most favorable location of local authorities in relation to cryptocurrencies has been observed. Recall that not so long ago in Thailand, they intended to raise taxes for both cryptocurrency investors and for trading platforms. It isn't known what factor influenced the softening of politics in the state, but at the moment Thailand has joined the Philippines and South Korea in order to create a more friendly atmosphere that will support the development of blockchain and cryptowcurrencies in every possible way.

Meanwhile, the Philippines and South Korea have already managed not only in words to show the seriousness of their intentions. In the Philippines, many blockchain oriented startups are already operating, and the investment round, which raised $10 million from Naspers and Quona Capital, was recently closed. South Korea has managed to develop and implement the country's first legislation to regulate the cryptocurrency sector and blockchain technology.

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