The UK Government Must Have a Chief Blockchain Specialist

Legislative bodies of Great Britain believe that the government should adopt legislation on the use of blockchain technology in the public sector. According to them, this will restore social confidence and improve the efficiency of the government sector.

In his report, a member of parliament from the Conservative Party of the United States, Eddie Hughes, said that in order to achieve results, the government must "appoint a person in charge of control over the use of blockchain in the public sector."

The post will require the implementation of tasks related to the formation of the UK strategy, the use of this technology and the subsequent reduction of the government's annual expenditures.

Legislators also argue that the blockchain strategy led today by the US government can be an effective way to preserve the country's competitiveness.

The proposal, Eddie Hughes was put forward at a time when an increasing number of start-ups are proposing to promote blockchain projects in the UK. Hughes is far from the only member of parliament who insists on using this technology in the public sector. Similar proposals were made earlier by other authorities.

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