Top News Daily 01.09.2018

- Bitfinex is justified after a "technical malfunction"

Bitfinex, one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms, announced that they have restored their usual work after they encountered a "technical malfunction" on August 31.

- Firefox intends to add a script to block hidden mining

The non-profit organization the Mozilla Foundation said that it will soon be possible in the browser to block scripts intended for hidden cryptocurrency mining. Under hidden mining is meant the addition of malicious scripts to fraudulent websites, when visiting them, scammers become available data and computing power of users, without their prior consent. This functionality will be available in the next releases of the Firefox browser.

- Crypto Market added $8 billion

Crypto Market added $8 billion, because the price of bitcoin is in uptrend. Over the past 24 hours, the price of the main cryptocurrency continued to hold at around $7 thousand, which suggests that there is no further downtrend in the future, even despite the predictions of many cryptocurrency traders.

- Developers of Ethereum will lower the award for mining up to 2 ETH

The main developers of Ethereum conducted an online conference, where on August 31 discussed the main problems associated with the upcoming release of the hard-fork Constantinople. The main focus was on the decision to reduce the reward received by the miners.

- In the latest album of Eminem Kamikaze bitcoin was mentioned

Famous rapper Eminem didn't pass around such a popular topic and mentioned the main cryptocurrency in one of his texts. The track "Not Alike", which entered the new album Kamikaze contains a line dedicated to bitcoin. Many cryptocurrency analysts accept this gesture as a sign of confident securing of bitcoins and cryptocurrency in mass culture.