Top News Daily 09.08.2018

- Australia will soon have a mining data center for solar energy

In Australia, have already begun to build a new data center, which will be engaged in the mining of bitcoin. The first stage will be completed in the beginning of 2019. By the time the developers of the project, the Australian companies DC Two and D Coin, have reported, 256 IT-racks will be ready, despite the fact that the computing power of each will be 30kW. According to preliminary estimates, this should be enough to allow the data center to mint about 650 coins per year (at the current exchange rate of $6 million at the time of the writing).

- CEO of Pantera Capital: the cryptocurrency market reacts too much to the news

CEO of investment firm Pantera Capital Dan Morehead doesn't understand the panic that arose in the cryptocurrency industry with the arrival of the latest news. He believes that the cryptocurrency market itself perceives the news too stormily, while one should remain calm. The brightest news, he said, was a notice about the postponement of the decision on Bitcoin-ETF by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. As Morhed said, he is inclined to believe that it will be a long time before bitcoin-ETF is approved.

- New rules for ICO in Thailand have already attracted 20 crypto exchanges

For companies that offer the sale and exchange of tokens in Thailand, now the new rules for the regulation of the primary location of tokens have come into force. Under the new rules, all exchanges that are licensed should also receive SEC approval before trading starts.

- White hacker helps Augur fix vulnerability in the system

Vyacheslav Snezhkov, the so-called "white hacker", used his hacking skills for the benefit of the Augur project, developed on the Ethereum network. The hacker helped the developer and provided a detailed report on the problem that makes the system vulnerable enough. Dialogue Snezhkov and developers Augur already lasts several days. Its essence is to understand what exactly caused the breakdown. But at the moment there have been no recorded cases of theft of users' personal assets through the use of this loophole in the security system.

- The GMO cryptocurrency projects brought the company a profit of $2.3 million. US in the second quarter

IT giant GMO, operating in Japan, provided a report on its profits in the second quarter of this year. The company's revenue amounted to $2.3 million. In its financial report, the company indicated that its net profit was about $23 million, but considering operating expenses, which amounted to almost $21 million in just three months, the remaining difference slightly exceeded $2 million.