Top News Daily 11.06.2018

- Estonian resident stole the cryptocurrency for 2.5 million euros

Law enforcement authorities of Estonia managed to register, having caught the attacker, who managed to allocate more than €2.5 million in a cryptocurrency equivalent. The culprit was already a convicted resident of Estonia, who was previously convicted of numerous e-mail hacking, through which you can access cryptocurrency wallets and similar payment data. The man was arrested in early May, but the police did not hurry to file a statement about his detention until this point.

- Blockchain EOS works, but support is lacking 15% of the votes

Everything does not see the light of the EOS blockachain with wide open eyes, in which there were problems with the next attempt to launch. At the moment the network is in the standby mode and finally lick the wounds from the found system breakdowns. Perhaps, the next voting will be the final one and we will see a beautiful result.

- The release of the Allcoin platform for the iOS system

Allcoin is the Canadian crypto exchange, which is included in the TOP-30 of the best trading platforms. Dozens of cryptocurrencies are traded on the exchange, but now users have the opportunity to use the mobile version. Trading from the phone is convenient, but only for iPhone holders. Those who prefer an operating system that is not iOS will not be lucky to try out an innovation. Perhaps only in the future.

- The cryptocurrency market is falling again

Not so long ago, proceedings began between the CFTC (Commission for Trade in Commodity Futures) and the four leading crypto exchanges, but its fruits are already ripe - the cryptocurrency market has dropped. Bitcoin has lost more than 5% of its value in the last 24 hours. Ethereum is sold for about $ 530. And the biggest losses, over the past day, have suffered such cryptocurrencies as IOTA and EOS.

- Fidelity is looking for managers after a series of quitting

Employees are needed to work in the fund, which was launched last year. His key people left the company and now their seats are vacant. This happened because of the temporary suspension of the work of the fund, but now that everything has gone back on track, the company is actively looking for employees. Who will become the next vice president and investment analyst?