Top News Daily 12.09.2018

- Leaders of the cryptocurrency industry will create a lobbying group in Washington

A group of companies working in the field of digital assets and blockchain technology announced that they will form the first Blockchain Association that represents the blockchain industry in Washington, DC, USA. The Association will be attended by industry leaders, such as the trading crypto exchange Coinbase, the startup Protocol Labs, as well as the Digital Currency Group and Polychain Capital. The lobbying organization will be located in Washington, representing entrepreneurs and investors engaged in blockchain projects.

- The New York court ruled that the securities laws could apply to digital assets

Most likely, this is the first judicial decision in the US when a federal judge from New York ruled that the country's securities laws are applicable for cases involving digital assets. In particular, we are talking about Judge Raymond Doury, who was removed from the case against the resident of Brooklyn Maxim Zaslavsky, accused of promoting crypto-loans, secured by investment in diamonds and real estate, which, according to the charge, were a fiction. The judiciary ruled that federal securities legislation should be interpreted "flexibly".

- Chinese company will turn data processing center of the US Department of Defense into a mining farm

Holding company Wuhan General Group (China), Inc. began negotiations on the transformation of the object of the US Department of Defense into a mining farm. The press release says that in case of successful completion of negotiations, companies must provide the first order for equipment in late October. It is known that after the change of the facility, the company plans to use low tariffs for electricity in the US, a cool climate and quick access to the Internet, which positively contributes to the mining of cryptocurrency.

- Huobi will enter the Japanese market due to the purchase of a crypto exchange

Representatives of Huobi Group said that the company plans to expand the number of trade services provided in Japan through the purchase of a local licensed BitTrade exchange. The statement said that the subsidiary company Huobi Japan Holding Ltd signed an agreement to buy a controlling stake in the BitTrade crypto exchange. This news was confirmed also by the previous owner of the trading platform - Eric Chengen. Note that BitTrade is one of the sixteen licensed crypto exchanges of the country, and is also a member of the Japan Association of Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

- Russian entrepreneurs proposed to legislatively divide the crypto-currencies into three groups

During the Eastern Economic Forum, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs presented how they see the regulation of the country's cryptocurrency. In particular, the draft refers to the need to divide digital assets into three groups.

- DECENT has launched a blockchain application for the aviation industry

DECENT has launched a new decentralized 3IPK application, which is focused on the aviation industry. It should be said that the project is implemented on the basis of the company's own platform - Dcore. The main goal of the project is to provide automation of verification of certification and flightability of aircraft. In addition, it becomes possible to track the supply chain and the processes of those services.