Top News Daily 14.09.2018

- SBI to Roll Out Ripple DLT-Based Payments App on iOS, Android

Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings is soon to launch a payments application for iOS and Android devices powered by Ripple's distributed ledger technology. Takashi Okita, chief executive of SBI Ripple Asia – a joint venture between SBI Holdings and the San Francisco-based Ripple – revealed the website of the application, named MoneyTap.

- GAW Miners CEO and PayCoin founder sentenced to 21 months of arrest

Homero Joshua Garza, the CEO of the now-defunct U.S. crypto firm GAW Miners, has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for defrauding investors, local news agency Hartford Business reports. Garza received the verdict in the Hartford federal court, following his guilty plea to a wire fraud charge related to creating and selling a scamcoin dubbed PayCoin (XPY).

- EF Hutton plans to earn $60 million on cryptocurrencies, tokens and specialized crypto-tools

EF Hutton, a major brokerage company in the United States of America, plans to earn $60 million on cryptocurrency instruments, digital assets and tokens to be submitted by January next year. In addition, the company's representatives said that EF Hutton is the main sponsor of the ACEx trading platform, which should also begin work early next year.

- European Central Bank will not develop a European cryptocurrency

The chief of the European Central Bank (ECB) said Friday that the institution sees no "concrete need" to issue a digital version of the euro, Reuters reports. In a letter to a member of the European Parliament, ECB President Mario Draghi said a lack of robustness in the technology that would underlie such an endeavor, as well as the high levels of physical cash use cross the EU, meant the option is not on the table at present.

- In France, legislation was presented for the ICO

The French Parliament at the legislative level approved the main aspects of the ICO. This was stated by the Minister of Finance of the State - Bruno le May.

- IBM Corporation will take part in the creation of a catalog of blockchain startups

The management of IBM decided to join the idea of ​​the HACERA startup to create a decentralized registry of blockchain projects. This is stated on the official website of IBM. It should be noted that the "Boundless Registry" project is aimed at ensuring the compatibility of existing distributed registry technologies. The main goal is to ensure registration, search for blockchain-based solutions, as well as transactions between them.