Top News Daily 15.09.2018

- Fund Tezos announces the launch of its long-awaited network

The Tezos Foundation's crypto exchange platform announced the date of the long-awaited launch of its blockchain. At the moment the network is at the beta stage, but on Monday it will be stopped, and the protocol will become a full-fledged network. Recall that since June, testing is underway, and after a smooth operation for several months, the network's developers announced its readiness to see the light.

- Lightning Labs presents a new desktop version of bitcoin wallet

Developers Lightning Labs, dealing with the protocol for the network bitcoin, announced the release of a new version of the wallet platform - LND 0.5. This is a desktop version, which is aimed at the work of end customers or light-clients. The main feature of the update was the implementation of the Neutrino protocol in compatibility with the proposals BIP 157 and BIP 158.

- Tim Draper predicts that in 15 years the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market will reach $80 trillion

Venture capital investor Tim Draper has predicted that total cryptocurrency market capitalization will hit $80 trillion in the next 15 years, news outlet DealStreetAsia reported. Speaking at the DealStreetAsia PE-VC Summit 2018 in Singapore, Draper argued that the significant slide in the cryptocurrency market in recent months is attributed to people who have not adopted digital currencies as a new asset class. Draper stated that once people become more familiar with the technology, it would transform many important industries globally.

- In the Gemini Dollar contract, there is an asset freeze function

Not so long ago released, but managed to make a lot of noise, the Gemini Dollar (GUSD) stablecoin, created by the Winklewoss brothers, managed to puzzle many cryptocurrency experts with their ambiguous technical characteristics. One of the researchers of the GUSD code noted that some of the elements found by him in the course of his work are uncharacteristic for most decentralized coins, including bitcoins. One of such features can be attributed to the possibility of freezing the asset.

- Officially: a decision was made to transfer Alexander Vinnik to Russia

If earlier this decision was only the most probable in the course of events, yesterday the Supreme Court of Greece issued an official decision that Alexander Vinnik's extradition to Russia was approved. At the moment, 4 judgments have been rendered on the extradition of Vinnik to his homeland: 1 at the request of the United States, 1 at the request of France and 2 at the request of Russia. The final and final decision on this case will be made by the Minister of Justice of Greece.