Top News Daily 16.09.2018

- Binance Exchange Opens Business Unit in Singapore

Zhao Changpeng, who is the CEO of Binance exchange, announced the opening of the new division in Singapore. This was reported during an event dedicated to blockchain technology. In addition, this news was confirmed by him in his Twitter account. It is known that initially the site will work in beta mode, for a limited number of users who will have to participate in the testing of the project. Other, more detailed information is not yet reported.

- Bitcoin-exchange Digifinex delists Tether USD due to distrust

The Singapore cryptocurrency exchange Digifinex, which is included in the top 15 trading sites according to CoinMarketCap, reported on the forthcoming delisting of Tether (USDT), as well as its replacement with TrueUSD (TUSD), which was developed by experts from TrustToken.

- Innosilicon Company presented a device T2 Turbo, the price of which exceeds $1,5 thousand

A major manufacturer of equipment for crypto mining - the company Innosilicon, has launched the sale of ASIC-miner, which is designed for production of T2 Turbo (T2T). It should be said that its power is 32 Th/s, with the overclocking potential up to 36 Th/s. The power consumption of this device is 2200 watts. Each of the terrahash has 68 watts.

- Research: gold mining is 20 times more expensive than the mining of bitcoin

Investor Vladimir Jelivasic from Panda Analytics conducted a study in which he determined that the annual electricity consumption for the production of cryptocurrency bitcoin is 4.344 megawatt-hours, which is equivalent to about 4.3 billion US dollars. In turn, annual gold mining requires the use of 92 million barrels of oil in the form of diesel fuel, which is approximately 6 billion US dollars.

- Representatives of reported on the closure of the platform, due to the unstable state of the ICO industry

The co-edging platform, which was launched by the ICONOMI blockchain project, is closed. This was reported by the representatives of the project. The main goal of the team of creators was to provide an alternative to the venture ecosystem, by means of fundfinding, transparency and democratization. At the same time, according to the representatives of the project, they came to the conclusion that this industry is moving in a completely different direction and therefore, they decided to suspend the activity.