Top News Daily 17.09.2018

- Ex-developer SpaceX launches crypto exchange LXDX

Former engineer of Elon's Musk company, Space X, announced that his new company LXDX plans to start a public exchange of digital assets. It's about Joshua Greenwald, who worked on projects related to automation. Despite the fact that Greenwald is already working for institutional investors, now its task is to connect and the main consumer market.

- Ripple: Regulators no longer use blockchain approach

In an interview for CNBC Markets, Jarpl Sagar Sarbhai said that in his opinion, to date issues of blockchain and digital assets are being addressed more by politicians. The head of regulatory relations in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in the Middle East of Ripple believes that regulators no longer support a split approach, to the technology of the distributed ledger. In particular, we are talking about the use of blockchain technology, separately from digital currencies.

- Ethereum-wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) is subjected to hacker attacks more often than banks from the Fortune 500 list

The popular Ethereum-wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) recorded a greater number of hacker attacks than banks belonging to the Fortune 500. This information was provided by Segasec, a company specializing in cyber security. Note that it is Segasec that is responsible for protecting the crypto wallet data from hacker attacks. Such attack attempts are not surprising, knowing how many tokens are available on MEW platform.

- Zimbabwe's finance minister: Digital assets can solve the problem of shortage of cash

Less than two weeks after his appointment, Finance Minister of Zambabwe opposed the position of the country's central bank, in relation to the cryptocurrencies. The fact is that the attitude of an official to digital assets is positive. According to the Minister of Finance, Mtuli Nkube, cryptocurrency assets can help the South African country in resolving the problems of the current currency crisis.

- The launch of the Tezos mainnet took place today

After a very long period of preparation and resolution of legal issues, the developers of the Tezos protocol, based on the blockchain, announced the launch of the main project network. Note that Tezos is a network protocol of secure and ready-to-time systems of smart contracts. According to the creators of the project, this platform focuses on various fundamental aspects. First of all, here we are talking about security, durability, as well as management through the use of consensus.

- Bitfinex launched the launch of the decentralized exchange Ethfinex Trustless

The Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange, based in Hong Kong, has launched Ethfinex, its new hybrid platform, on the hybrid platform, a new decentralized platform for digital asset trading. It was called Ethfinex Trustless.