Top News Daily 19.09.2018

- The UK Treasury Committee called for an end of the "Wild West" in the digital assets market

The Committee of the UK on Treasury, calls for the regulation of the market of cryptocurrency, in order to protect investors. It is reported that a committee of members of parliament in the House of Commons called for resolving a number of issues related to cryptocurrencies. First of all, such questions include volatility of prices in the market, poor consumer protection, the risk of hacker attacks and money laundering. In addition, the Committee urged the Office for Financial Behavior (FCA) to exercise control over cryptocurrency transactions. At the same time, to date, FCA doesn't have legal permission to regulate issuers of cryptocurrency on trading floors.

- Attorney General of New York believes that crypto exchange markets are at risk of manipulation

The report, which was published by the office of the Attorney General of New York, refers to the fact that crypto exchanges are vulnerable to manipulation, conflicts of interest and other consumer risks. The report presents the results of the "Initiative to ensure the integrity of virtual markets". They were launched this spring, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. So, they were sent letters to thirteen crypto exchanges, requesting information about their activities, implementing internal control and solving other key problems. The given decision was caused by that to give to average investors understanding of the risks connected with crypto trading platforms, and also increase of a level of a transparency of work.

- CME Top Manager: you do not need to blame bitcoin futures for the fall of the market

Managing Director and Head of Equity Products, as well as CME Group's alternative investments Tim McCourt said that bitcoin futures shouldn't be the main reason for the drop in prices in the cryptocurrency market. He said this during the Consensus Singapore 2018 conference. He also noted that bitcoin futures continue to grow, especially in the context of volumes coming from the Asian market.

- In honor of the 10th anniversary of bitcoin, a crypto exchange exhibition will be held in Paris

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the creation of bitcoin, artists from all over the globe will present their works devoted to the topic of digital assets. The exhibition was named Bitcoin Art (r) Evolution. Its main task is to raise public awareness of digital assets and demonstrate the potential of cryptocurrencies. Another goal of this event is called how the technology of blockchain can improve the art industry.

- Bithumb Exchange has listed tokens Waves and ChainLink

Trading crypto-exchange platform Bithumb announced the support of the Waves token. In addition, trades with cryptotenes ChainLink (LINK) were added. Adding assets to the exchange decided to mark the action, which implies a return of 1% to users, from the amount of the deposited deposit to the named tokens.

- The US authorities confiscated millions of dollars in cryptocurrency, which belonged to the ex-owner AlphaBay

By decision of the District Court of Eastern California, the United States authorities seized $9 million in cryptocurrency. In addition, luxury cars and real estate were seized, the total amount of which is estimated at 12 million US dollars. Assets belonged to Alexander Kazes - one of the owners of the market-leading AlphaBay market, who committed suicide.