Top News Daily 20.09.2018

- From the cryptocurrency exchange Zaif, 60 million US dollars were stolen in cryptocurrency

The well-known Zaif cryptocurrency trading platform was hacked. From it, cryptocurrency of the equivalent of 6.7 billion yen or 60 million US dollars was stolen. Including, 5966 bitcoins. It should be noted that the license area is managed by the Tech Bureau. The representatives of the project noted that the first major outflow of funds was noticed on September 14. After that, the company's management decided to suspend the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds.

- Coinbase refuted information from the report of the New York City Prosecutor's Office

The report, which was published by the New York Office of the Attorney General (OAG), in which it was alleged that several trading sites that had been investigated were vulnerable to market manipulation, provoked a backlash from the industry. In particular, the chief political director of Coinbase, Mike Lempres, said that the attorney general's statements in the report contributed to the distortion of the business of crypto-instruments in the media.

- For the first half of 2018 Japan lost 540 million US dollars in the cryptocurrency

After the news about the hacking of the crypto exchange Zaif, the police of the country published figures that say about the increase in such attacks this year. According to the report of The Asahi Shimbun, which was submitted by the National Police Agency (NPA), data for the first six months of 2018 were published. They say that hacker attacks on cryptocurrency wallets and platforms have tripled, compared to the same period in 2017.

- PNC launches cross-border payments based on Ripple technology

The American banking giant, PNC, began using payment solutions for cross-border transfers. This solution was called xCurrent and was developed by Ripple. Thus, PNC succeeded in successfully completing the pilot phase of testing the system and presenting it with services to several clients. At this stage, the bank will receive only incoming transactions through xCurrent.

- In Venezuela, launched a Dash-wallet, which allows you to poison transactions using SMS-messages

The release of the beta version of Dash Text wallet, which allows you to carry out transactions via SMS-messages without access to the Internet. The first country to test this project was selected Venezuela. It should be noted that the service allows you to manage the wallet and funds through commands in SMS-messages. In order to confirm the transaction, a five-digit access code is used, the operating principle of which is similar to the SMS voting process.

- ICON and the telecommunications giant SKPlanet signed a memorandum of understanding

Representatives of the ICON blockchain project and the South Korean telecommunications giant SKPlanet signed a memorandum of understanding. The main goal of the cooperation was the opening of new market opportunities, as well as the introduction of blockchain technology in the telecommunications industry. It is interesting that the services of SKPlanet, currently enjoys more than 50% of the population of South Korea. The decision on the cooperation of companies is explained by the desire to transfer the business to work with digital assets.