VeChainThor Improves Security With SlowMist

Developers VeChainThor said that the security of the blockchain platform is above all. They have already cooperated with outside firms in order to increase the level of security. The closer to the launch of the network, the more VeChainThor acquires partners, this time SlowMist started work to improve the security of the network.

"[Blockchain] during the past month has experienced a series of third-party security checks, alpha testing, code verification, code testing and security testing of mobile wallet. These tests will continue until the release of the network, and until now the tests have been going smoothly. "

Assistance in testing was already provided by such companies as Secureware, Hosho, HackenProof and SlowMist. The last one is the most significant of the entire list, because it was used by companies such as Google, Microsoft, W3C, Alibaba and Baidu. The greatest attention is paid to testing the mobile wallet and program code, or rather the security of its algorithms, links to nodes, and so on. In his blog, the developers indicated what is the first priority and what safety standards will be used:

"The security standard will include the recommended MASTERNE hosting architecture, RPC security, Masternode configuration audit, security log, network security, DDoS protection and other similar services."
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