WEX Exchange Adds New Currencies

Probably, almost every person who is interested in cryptocurrencies is following the situation with the WEX trading platform. As you know, in June there was information about its sale to the ex-militiaman of the DNR under the call sign "sailor". The militiaman repeatedly refuted these data. As a result, in early August, the information was confirmed by the former owner of the exchange - Dmitry Vasiliev. At the same time, the businessman noted that the sale deal was rather a raider seizure than buying a trading platform.

In parallel with these news, there were other work-related exchanges. In particular, the price of many cryptocurrencies was significantly different from the average. For example, the same bitcoin, which traded in July for $6 thousand, and on WEX exchange consistently showed 9 thousand dollars. All this news allowed to draw a conclusion - exchange finishes its work and soon, it will completely disappear from the field of view. Experts assumed that such differences in rates are due to internal problems of crypto exchange - lack of funds on accounts.

At the same time, today's news turned out to be rather strange for the current situation. Thus, new digital assets began to appear on the cryptocurrency exchange. We are talking about Monero (XMR). Today, this asset is traded at a price of $87. The coin, like other digital currencies, recently declined in its price, amid a general market fall. Speaking about the WEX exchange, the currency pair XMR/USD was added here. At the time of writing, there is no data on the exchange rate.

Well, we will monitor the situation that has taken place at the once popular trading platform.