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2FA (or two-factor authentication)

Security process of user’s identity authentification in any service where two different types of data are used. Introduction of additional level of security ensures more effective account protection in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Altcoin, alternative coin, alts

The general name of all cryptocurrencies offered as Bitcoin alternative. For example, Litecoin, Namecoin, Novacoin, all mentioned above known as altcoins.


Application Specific Integrated Circuit made for solving one task. A silicon chip, that looks similar to any processor or memory, designed to carry out only one task. ASIC for Bitcoin mining customized for SHA-256 algorithm calculation, which is its cornerstone.


The buy price.

Bear market

The situation on the market, when there is a steady price decline observed.

Bear/Bearish Candle

Candlestick with the downward trend, with full body and short or no shadows. It illustrates the rate drop. If the candlestick is bearish, it means that the open point will always be at the top and the closing point at the bottom. Usually the candlestick it red.


Stock exchange players who play to lower the price (shorts) and often intentionally knocking it down to minimum values.


The sale price.


A public registry/database or a "log" of transactions. Chain of transaction blocks.


The lowest rate drop point during a certain timespan after reaching it, the price goes up or, at least, stops decreasing.


Overcoming of significant levels (support / resistance lines, trend lines, etc.)

BTC (bitcoin)

The first and the main decentralized crypto currency.


Buy order with much lower price than requested. The main purpose is to dump coins significantly when the owner is not at the computer. The bucket is used to collect as many coins as possible during the time of the maximum price drop. The price then goes up again.

Bull/Bullish Candlestick

It is a candlestick with an upward trend, full body and short or no shadows. It indicates the price rate growth. The candlestick is called bull/bullish when the opening price is low and the closing price is high. Its color is usually green.


Stock exchange players who play to raise the price (long), thereby playing only on price rising.



Buy Limit Order

The order to purchase at or below a requested price. Used by traders, when they expect the price drop to a certain level then the price goes up again.

Buy Stop Order

The order to purchase at the requested price or higher. Used by trader, if he expects to raise the price to a certain level, after reaching it the price continues to rise.


The total amount of all transactions performed at the particular stock exchange within a certain time.

Candlestick Shadow

Outgoing thin lines on a candlestick chart that illustrate the highest and the lowest recorded price rate over a specific period.


A consistent price reduction and increase within the the price range bounded by two parallel lines. Channel can be downward or upward by its direction.

Cold Wallet

Virtual wallet for cryptocurrency storage. It doesn’t have direct connection to the Internet. It is designed to store digital money in offline mode.


A service charge paid for transaction at the exchange.


The movement of the market in a lateral direction within a certain price range. This is the price stabilization, which takes place after the expressed directed movement of the market.

Correction, rollback

А temporary price movement in the opposite direction from the existing trend. Correction occurs at the time of overbought or oversold coins and is associated with a trend weakening.


Any Bitcoin type virtual currency, including Litecoin, Namecoin, etc.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Platform where digital currency is traded and converted into other currency or into different world currencies (USD, EUR, RUR, etc.). The exchanges are one more way to get digital money, other than mining.


Amount of money allocated by trader in order to receive income in the form of interest from financial transactions with deposit.

Dispose of Assets

The collapse of the course, which is provoked by individual market participants by its trade.


А strategy for reducing risks, in which the funds are allocated to different financial instruments, coins. Coins should not be strongly dependent on each other.


Cryptocurrency bulk selling caused by massive panic that leads to the rate dramatic decline.

Ether, ETH

Сrypto currency Ethereum / Etherium.


Equipment used for cryptocurrency mining.


Real money, backed up by state obligations, the same as dollar or euro.


It is used in the meaning of the tools for market analysis, named in honor of the great mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, who studied the sequence of numbers and derived interesting patterns. Fibonacci levels, Fibonacci Time Zones, Expansion, Channel, Fan and Fibonacci Arcs are traditional tools for market analysis.


Lateral price movement within a certain price range; indeterminacy on the market, when there is no clear tendency of price increasing or decreasing.


A copy of the blockchain of any crypto currency with some changes.

Fundamental analysis, FA

Economic and political analysis of the situation in the world and in certain countries, as well as events that may influence the further market behavior in order to determine the price movement.


The gap in the price chart.

Graphic figures

Various figures of graphic analysis, constructed with lines. Graphic figures facilitate understanding of the market situation and help to predict further price movement.


An event when the funds from "hamsters" are moving to experienced players. Most often, this is a drawdown of the hamsters funds due to provocations, a false price movement.


A trusting and easily manipulated part of the population, which, according to British scientists, is dominant, and every hamster is convinced that he is more intelligent than others. They are most susceptible to mass panic, and buy / sell assets at the most unsuitable moments. Most often they think they are bear-bulls.

Hashes / sec (hashes / sec)

Number of hash attempts per second. It is measured in thousands of hashes.

Hashrate (hashrate)

Is the rate of the mining productivity. Shows how many operations per second equipment can produce.

High, Peak

The highest price rate within a certain period, after reaching it, the price goes down.

Hot Wallets

Virtual wallets that provide access to savings and money can be transferred from them at any time. Generally, this type of wallet is connected to the Internet.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

A proposal to sell newly created tokens / coins to collect investment.


А a tool for the market analysis; transformed and specially processed data, which can largely clarify the situation on the market and help to predict further price movement.

Japanese candles, candlestick chart

A special way of displaying a price chart, which clearly shows the open and close prices of the period, as well as its high and low prices. They are painted in red and green for convenience of visual perception.

Last Price

The price of the last transaction traded on the exchange.


Buying assets with purpose of a long-term stable money investment. Sometimes the players who bought cryptocurrency at its peak price and missed the right time to sell it.

Long Lower Shadow Candlestick

Shows domination of bears (sellers) who drove the price down to its minimum.

Long position

А transaction made with the expectation of earning money on the growth of prices. Take a long position - make a purchase.

Long Upper Shadow Candlestick

Indicates bulls (buyers) domination who bid the price up to its maximum.

Margin Trading

Carrying out speculative trading using the money provided to the trader in the form of a loan against the agreed amount - the margin.

Margin, pledge

Providing the position with a certain amount of funds, which the trader must make to complete the transaction. (In simple words, a loan secured by other coins).

Market Order

The order used in case of urgent point opening or closing at the exchange. The order indicates willingness to buy or sell currency at the present market price.


A significant participant of the market, which is able to influence the behavior of the price by his transactions.


Big and small players sell their assets, exchanging them for currency in the shortest possible term and at any requested price.


Is a person engaged in the mining of crypto-currency.


Earning cryptocurrency by using hardware computing capacity.

Money Hold

Delay on payment, deposit or money withdrawal at the exchange.


A market order to buy or sell a certain amount of goods at the stock exchange.

Order Book

The number of buy and sell orders for cryptocurrency or other exchange goods.


The state of the market, in which prices are too high, and apparently soon there gonna be a decrease.


The state of the market, under which prices are too much underestimated, and apparently soon there gonna be an increase.

Passive Order

The order to purchase or sell a certain amount of currency at the requested rate or higher, but not at the current market rate.

Pending (pending)

Incomplete transaction (for example I ordered money to withdraw and they haven't come yet, and now they are pending).


Are amateur traders who trade against the trend, and therefore they always lose money. Pigs imaginatively go under the knife, they’re been cut into meat and divided between bears and bulls.


Is an Internet service that allows miners to combine efforts for joint mining of crypto currencies.

Portfolio (or Investment Portfolio)

Already purchased cryptocurrencies, owned by trader at the exchange.


Integrated purchasing of goods at the exchange or a notable purchase of a specific person who spent most of the money available on his account.


Profit from the transaction.


Pumping the market with volume transactions, which entails the reaction of less knowledgeable players who enter the market and support the movement. Pump ends with a dump.

Puppet master

The term is similar to the whale, the puppet master has a lot of assets, and manipulates the market as he wants. When everyone expects a fall, he can continue to push the market up, or vice versa. Such actions are difficult to predict, and often it leads to the bloody slaughter of hamsters, and slaughtering other animals in the circus.

Resistance Level

Psychologically significant level at which mass sales usually begin. The resistance level is an important part of technical analysis, it is built on two or more maximum prices in the form of a straight line.


The change in currency pair rate direction. For example, cryptocurrency price rate was growing and after reaching, a certain level of resistance began to decline.


Is the smallest indivisible bitcoin particle, bitcoin coin. It is one hundred million particle of a single bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC). The unit has been named in honor of the original creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. There is 100 000 000 satoshi in one BTC.


Fraud, a project that stopped paying, did not want to pay at all.



Sell Limit Order

The order to sell at or a higher price than requested. Used by traders, when they expect the price increase to a certain level then the price will start to drop again.

Sell Stop Order

The order to sell at the requested price or lower. Used by the trader when he expects to drop the price to a certain level, after which the price keeps falling.


Are modest stock market players who follow bulls or bears, joining both alternately, depending on the market trend. Sheeps mostly make money on the market, but their income is much lower than the bullish or bearish, because they join the trade only in the middle of the movement, when they will be completely sure of the strength of this or that trend.

Short Position (Short)

А transaction made with the expectation of earning money at a price reduction. Take a short position - make a sale.


The dreadful decline in currency value within five or fifteen minutes.


The difference between the best sell (ask) and buy (bid) price of a currency, offered at the exchange at the current moment.


The difference between the purchase price (ask) and the selling price (bid).

Stop-Loss Order

Type of the order designed with parameters set in advance. It opens when the market reaches the price requested by trader.

Support Level

Psychologically significant level at which mass purchases usually begin. The support level is an important part of technical analysis, it is built on two or more minimum prices in the form of a straight line.

Swing Trading

Short-term currency rate fluctuation in low price range usually makes no difference.

The bull market

The situation on the market, when there is clearly a steady growth.


Time interval used to sort quotations when creating bars and candlestick (M – minute, H – hour, D – day, W – week, MN – month, Y – year).

To The Moon

When the rate flies "to the moon", it’s a very sharp increase of the rate.


Player on the stock exchange, someone who buys and sells cryptocurrency at the exchange.


Trading on the market.

Trading Volume Chart

Shows the total amount of cryptocurrency bought/sold during a certain period.


Currency transfer from one wallet to another.

Trend, tendency

А stable and obvious direction of price movement that lasts a certain time. The trend can be ascending (upward, up-trend) and descending (downward, down-trend).


User identity confirmation procedure


The spread of the price for a certain period of time. (High volatility means large leaps in a short period of time).


The activity of trading for a currency pair for a certain period of time. The increase in volume in the direction of the trend confirms its strength.


An order or a group of orders that can block further price movement. Sell wall / Buy wall - the price level, which contains a large number of orders for purchase / sale.


Is a very big beast, an indecent amount of assets is concentrated in he’s fins, and the rate can be moved up or down by he’s actions on the stock exchange. He is so cool that his bidding can immediately change the rate for an indecent amount of percents.

x2, x100, x1000

Increasing of the coins value in 2, 100 or 1000 times. The number can be different. For example: "the BTC did x2 per month". This means that the price of bitcoin has doubled in one month.


Slang word for Poloniex Exchange.