Criteria for selecting "Prime Projects"

Our team of analysts very scrupulously approaches the issue of selecting promising projects. Briefly, we follow these rules:

1. Conditions. White Paper, better in several languages. There should be described in detail: an interesting idea of ​​the project, prospects, its essence, whether it improves anything, whether the problem is being solved in a certain field, or it adds a new technology. The goal must be realizable. Analysis of the market in this field, analysis of competitors.

2. Roadmap. A detailed description of the steps to develop the project and the terms of their implementation.

3. Website of the project: whether the traffic is organic, whether the site is protected, the analysis by the domain.

4. Tokens. Most of them should be sold on soft cap (the minimum amount required by the project, which will allow the project to run with minimal technical preparation). The number of tokens in the project and their distribution should be justified: the number of tokens allocated for sale on the ICO, to the team, to investors, etc. Pre-ICO stage, whether the small emission of tokens with a significant bonus from the project. Are there any restrictions on the amount at the stage of public ICO (it is important to protect the tokens from the price manipulation of whales).

5. The team has a ready-made prototype or working version of the project (MVP - Minimum Viable Product).

6. The structure of project costs. The financial component is how much funds the project needs and what exactly will they be spent on.

7. Marketing component, activity of the project in social networks, specialized websites and forums on cryptocurrency: on BitcoinTalk, YouTube, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Reddit. There shouldn’t be any paid advertising, if the project worth it, people will be interested anyway.

8. The team, competence in the chosen field, is there an experience, track record on specialized sites, analysis of LinkedIn profiles and verifying of the creators biographies. Availability of feedback about the creators. Project advisers, verifying of biographies.

9. Other criteria: availability of pre-registration form for ICO and other restrictions, availability of KYC, availability of Escrow intermediary (used to minimize financial risks), whether the company has partners, large investors, analysis of project’s open source by programmers, verification of WP text on copyright etc.

This is just a short list of what the team of our analysts pays attention to when selecting a project. If the project earns a certain number of points according to our check-list, we contact the authors of the project and negotiate on PRE ICO-conditions. If the result of negotiations is successful, we add it to Prime Pool.

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