FAQ in section "General, about cryptocurrencies"

1. What do I need to know in order to start cryptocurrency trading?

See What do I need to know in order to start cryptocurrency trading?

2. How to manage the deposit correctly?

To become a successful trader, you need to know the basic principles of cryptocurrencies trading

3. Where to store crypto currency?

When choosing an exchange, you must remember the history of MtGox and maximize your funds security, it’s better to divide them among several exchanges, and use so-called "Cold wallet" for storing crypto currency. 

4. Which exchange is better for trading?

See Recommended stock exchanges and basic principles of cryptocurrency storage

5. What time cryptocurrency trading is available at the exchange?

Cryptocurrency trading is available 24 hours at any exchange.

6. How to buy or sell cryptocurrency?

There are many ways to do this. Cryptocurrency may be purchased through Internet banking if this service is provided by your bank as well as using popular exchange monitoring website http://www.bestchange.com/, which offers the review of dozens of different private exchangers. When choosing the exchanger, pay attention to those with the greatest number of positive comments and those that work in an automatic mode preferably. You can also watch the video-instructions on the buying or selling cryptocurrency on our channel (the link will be available soon).

7. How long does it take to get my money in BTC?

The waiting time for one confirmation takes on average not more than 10 minutes. We use the expression "on average" on purpose, since the duration of the confirmation process depends on:

  • Stable / unstable network connection;
  • Fixed rate/fluctuations of the rate;
  • Commission fee size paid to the miners.

As a result of circumstances, such as the exchange rate fluctuations, a huge number of transactions downloaded, one confirmation can take from 10 minutes up to few hours, and if you decide to save money on commission, the situation will be, literally, sad. You won’t be be able to affect the rate or to reduce the workload of the network, but you will change the situation and most likely will get the result of the expected transaction to be done faster by specifying the optimal commission of 0.0001 BTC, and, even better, 0.0003-0.0005 BTC.

8. Where and how to create a bitcoin wallet?

In order to create a BTC wallet, just click on the link blockchain.com and choose Get a free bitcoin wallet, fill out your email address and password - and the wallet where you can store your BTC is ready.