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1. What is an ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the initial placement of coins (tokens) in order to collect investment.

2. What is a token?

Token is a digital asset that an investor receives from a company in exchange for money. ICO tokens represent a certain obligation to the owner of the token to provide him with anything in return for the invested funds or crypto-currency.

3. What are the risks of investing in ICO?

The ICO market is a market with great prospects, a great opportunity to earn, but also an increased risk of losing funds, because only 3.8% projects have been more or less successful of all ICOs over the past 2 years. But despite this, you can reduce risks to a minimum and fix profits from 200-300% per year, investing in projects that our team selects.

We emphasize that the team uniton.io is not responsible for the success of the project (the implementation and subsequent growth of the tokens price). We only analyze the project and assume, based on the set of criteria in our checklist, that the project is worth the attention and investments in it, and can theoretically be realized in the near future.

You must make the final decision. Responsibility for earnings or loss of funds is on you. Never invest all your funds in 1 project. Never invest borrowed funds.

Even a detailed review can’t guarantee 100% success of the project.

4. How much can I earn by investing in ICO?

It is difficult to predict the exact number, but those projects in which we invest, can bring from 200-300% per year. For example, reports of the international investment firm Mangrove Capital Partners, under whose management $ 500 million of assets are located, have shown that the average return on investments in ICO is 1320%. Also means that even projects that are not realized are taken into account.

5. How does your platform for participation in the ICO differ from others?

Advantages of working with us:

Commission only 7% of the investment amount

Low investment threshold - participation in ICO from 0.2 ETH

We participate in Pre-sale - you get bonuses up to 70%

Referral system - get 1.5% of each investment amount of your referral's investment

6. What is Prime-Pool?

See Prime-pool uniton

7. What are the criteria for selecting Prime projects?

See Criteria for selecting "Prime Projects"

8. What steps should I take to invest in Prime-Pool?

See Stages of participation in Prime Pool

9. What’s the minimum amount to participate in the ICO?

You can participate in the ICO, having from 0.2 ETH on your account.

10. What is an affiliate program?

We generously reward our partners for inviting new clients.

Inviting a friend, you receive 1.5% in USD (ADVCash) or in BTC and ETH from each amount of your referral's investment.

Step 1 - copy your affiliate link in your account and ask a friend to register on our website by clicking on this link.

Step 2 - get an affiliate reward from each amount of your referral's investment.

Step 3 - withdraw your funds to your wallet in USD (ADVCash) or in BTC and ETH.

More referral investments - more reward for you!

11. How can I withdraw my referral funds?

To withdraw funds from the affiliate program, you need to click on "Withdraw" at https://uniton.io/en/account/affiliate and your referral funds will be withdrawn to your USD (ADVCash) or in BTC and ETH wallet that you specify. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 USD (ADVCash), for withdrawals in BTC and ETH from $100 in dollar equivalent.

12. How to buy crypto currency, in particular, ETH?

You can buy ETH or other cryptocurrency through the Internet banking if this service is provided by your bank as well as using popular exchange monitoring website http://www.bestchange.com/, which offers the review of dozens of different private exchangers. When choosing the exchanger, pay attention to those with the greatest number of positive comments and those that work in an automatic mode preferably. You can also watch the video-instructions on the buying or selling cryptocurrency on our channel (the link will be available soon).

13. Where can I store the received project tokens?

You can store project tokens on myetherwallet's personal wallet.

14. Where can I sell the received project tokens?

You can use the Etherdelta exchange - it's a proven exchange for the sale of tokens, has a certain credibility among users.

You can also sell your tokens on other exchanges at the end of the ICO, but it will take time until the token listing on the exchange for trades. The whole process takes from 1 to 3 months on average. The pre-ICO stage lasts for up to a month, then the ICO stage - from a week to a month, and finally listing on exchanges usually takes another 1-2 weeks after the end of the ICO.

15. Do you have a contract to sign?

We don’t have a contract to sign at the moment.

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