FAQ in section "Sync Trade"

1. What is sync trading (hereinafter referred to as "ST")?

Sync trading is a service that allows the client to make profit from trading on crypto exchanges, according to it the client doesn’t trade independently, but delegates authority to the trader, who in turn receives the commission from the client's profit. In other words, it is distance trading with the condition of proportional copying of the trader's deals to the client's trading deposit. 

2. What are the benefits of ST? 

  • You do not trade on your own, but only provide traders with access through the API for making deals on the exchange, controlling the assets on your account at the same time and paying the commission to traders. 
  • Traders don’t have an access to withdraw funds.
  • The team of traders also partially compensates the risks by the deals.
  • You don’t need to have a special education, skills, and also spend your time - traders trade for you.
  • You can stop the ST at any time, thus controlling your deposit.
  • We make trading decisions, you get a profit!

3. How much can I earn using the ST service?

The estimated profit, according to the results of previous months, is 80 - 100% for 3 months.

4. What are the risks for the deposit participating in the ST?

The risks are reduced to a minimum, because our traders have more than 3 years of experience in cryptocurrency trading. We do not trade with leverage, so there are no risk of losing deposits, as well as super profit of 300 - 1000%.

5. What are the trader’s commissions for the ST services?

Our commissions from the profit for the ST services, depending on the deposit:

  • deposit 10 000 - 100 000 USDT - 35% of the commission,
  • deposit 100,001 - 500,000 USDT - 30%
  • deposit from 500 000 USDT -% by agreement

6. Do you compensate for risks in case of closing the deal in negative?

If the deal is closed in negative, we compensate 35%, 30% respectively, from the minus (for example, if your deposit is from 10 000 to 100 000 USDT and in the minus is 1000 USDT, we compensate 350 USDT to ST account in your personal cabinet)

If you close a position in plus by yourself, then the commission from the profit is accrued to us in accordance with item 1 "Risks and Commissions".

If you close a position in minus by yourself, our team is not responsible for this.

7. How much money does uniton.io have in managing?

You can check the amount of funds that is currently in our management under the link https://uniton.io/ru/trust, in the section "Our Advantages". The data is updated on a monthly basis.

8. Where can I get acquainted with the results of the trade?

You can see the trading results on the link https://uniton.io/en/market-statistics

9. What deposit can I start with?

The minimum on your account should be from 10 000 USDT.

10. What are the conditions for participation in the ST?

The necessary conditions are:

1. Enable 2FA on your exchange account

2. When generating the API key, make API access and pass the key for trading operations to us. The keys must have the rights READ INFO, TRADE LIMIT, TRADE MARKET. With a view to ensuring security, the WITHDRAW rights (withdrawal possibility) must be disabled!

3. The minimum on your account should be from 10 000 USDT

4. By the time you submit your account to consider the possibility of providing a ST service, your account must be exclusively in USDT. If you have other cryptocurrencies in the portfolio at the moment of starting work on ST, they will be sold by us at the market price. If you consider them promising and want to carry out trading on them by yourself, you may transfer them to another account before submitting your exchange account for our consideration.

5. Before starting the cooperation, you make a contribution of 10% of your deposit amount to the appropriate ST account in your personal account as a guarantee of our commissions payment. If your account does not have enough funds to pay our commission in full, you must re-pay at least 10% of the deposit within 72 hours from the relevant notice receipt to your email.

6. The client is responsible for the timely verification of his e-mail and the balance state of the deposit, as well as the status of the appropriate ST account in the personal account.

11. On which exchanges do you trade?

Mostly on Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Wex... Depends on the trader, his strategy and vision. We will consider all the exchanges known to you in the order of filling in applications for sync trading.

12. Can I trade on my own with the same deposit in parallel with the ST?

Trade with the deposit participating in the ST is undesirable, in order to avoid confusion.

If you close a position in plus by yourself nevertheless, then the commission from the profit is accrued to us in accordance with item 5 “Commission of traders for ST services".

If you close a position in minus by yourself, our team is not responsible for this.

13. How many customers use your ST service?

We don’t provide any information of who invested and how much he invested, in the form of tables and data.

14. How can I withdraw my referral funds?

To withdraw funds from the affiliate program, you need to click on "Withdraw" at https://uniton.io/en/account/affiliate and your referral funds will be withdrawn to your USD (ADVCash) or in BTC and ETH wallet that you specify. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 USD (ADVCash), for withdrawals in BTC and ETH from $100 in dollar equivalent.

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