Risks and Commissions

1. Our commissions from the profit for the ST services, depending on the deposit: 

⁃ deposit 10 000 - 100 000 USDT - 35% of the commission,

⁃ deposit 100,001 - 500,000 USDT - 30%

⁃ deposit from 500 000 USDT -% by agreement

2. Risks - if the deal is closed in negative, we compensate 35%, 30% respectively, from the minus (for example, if your deposit is from 10 000 to 100 000 USDT and in the minus is 1000 USDT, we compensate 350 USDT to ST account in your personal cabinet) 

3. If you close a position in plus by yourself, then the commission from the profit is accrued to us in accordance with item 1 "Risks and Commissions" 

4. If you close a position in minus by yourself, our team is not responsible for this. 

The advantages of the offer: 

 ▪️ The client fully controls his assets, as they are on his account;

 ▪️ The client fully controls access through the API, and may disable access at any time;

 ▪️ The client fully controls the commission's payment to traders;

We do not trade with leverage, so there are no risk of losing deposits, as well as super profit of 300-1000%. 

You can see the trading results on the link 

Results are available from 05.2017 to the current month.

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