Stages of participation in Prime Pool

1. We publish information about the start of fund-raising on our portal and in our social networks.

2. After you have decided to participate in the Prime Pool, you go to your personal account, click "Invest" on the selected ICO and follow further instructions, sending us the desired amount.

3. We send the collected funds to the authors of ICO, minus the commission for our services.

4. After we receive the project tokens, we accrue them to the balance in your personal account, based on the amount that you participated in the Pool. The distribution of tokens to the pool members occurs within 1 to 7 days after our team receives tokens from the ICO and they become available for further sending (unfreezed).

5. You can withdraw tokens on personal myetherwallet.

- Pool goes in a convenient for everybody semi-automatic mode.

- We do not provide information in the form of tables and data how much money or how many participants invest.

- At our website, on the page of each project, the progress of fund raising will be displayed, which you can monitor online.

- In simple words, we identified and analyzed the project, raised funds, invested, received tokens, sent them to investors, earning commission percentage for the analytical work done.

- If you have already sent funds to participate in the pool, they can not be refunded.

- If the required threshold of the amount to receive the Pre-Sale bonus is not reached during the collection of funds to the pool, the funds will be returned to clients fully on ETH balance in personal account.

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