What is
Sync Trade

Sync trading (hereinafter referred to as ST) is a service that allows uniton.io client to get a profit from trading on crypto-exchanges. The client doesn’t trade independently, but delegates his rights to the trader, and the trader receives the commission from the profit of the client. In other words, it is distance trading with the condition of proportional copying of the trader’s deals to the client’s trading deposit. ... More info

The estimated profit, according to the results of previous months, is 80 - 100% for 3 months.

  • You do not need to transfer your funds to our account, you just need to deposit funds into your personal exchange account and provide access through the API to us for making transactions on the exchange
  • we don’t have an access to withdraw funds
  • all ST clients are assigned the maximum priority in the Support Service

Sync Trade by Uniton.io
You rest
We earn for you

Customer Benefits

This is an opportunity to get a profit, using the knowledge of experienced uniton.io traders team. In case of the "Sync Trading" (hereinafter referred to as "ST"):

- You do not trade on your own, but only provide traders with access through the API for making deals on the exchange, controlling the assets on your account at the same time and paying the commission to service

- Traders don’t have an access to withdraw funds

- The team of traders also partially compensates the risks by the deals

- You don’t need to have a special education, skills, and also spend your time - traders trade for you

- You can stop the ST at any time, thus controlling your deposit

We make trading decisions, you get a profit!

Benefits for our service

Service receives a commission for the completed profitable trades.

Our advantages

Average profit
25-30% per month

Compensation of risks
insurance from 30% and more for all deals

$ 735 000
funds in management

Low service commission
from 30%, depending on deposit amount

Minimum balance
from $10 000

Safe trading
work only through the API, trade with stops